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PURE Youth, a leadership program, specifically aims to facilitate discussion and awareness of the impact that education has on society through numerous projects and fundraising. PURE Youth also supports projects from all program areas and causes PURE champions which gives the ambassadors an opportunity to understand the depth and breadth of the issue, solution and impact on the lives they are helping change.

In 2016, meeting Shyla Talluri influenced a mentor to start her own chapter with her children in the hopes to expand PURE’s vision of empowerment through education. It began with the mentor’s two children: Arjun, the first ambassador, and director, and Sriya, the second ambassador. Friends heard about the cause and offered to join, allowing the chapter to expand to 6 members in 2018. Now in 2020, the chapter has 10 members and hopes to grow even larger in order to make the most impactful difference they can and advance PURE’s goals.

Led By Children, For Children


To me, volunteering means helping people who cannot help themselves. ~ Ashish

I believe that volunteering is important for oneself the same that it is for the community. Volunteering allows you to work for the things that you care about and allows you to express yourself in the best way possible. In PURE we get to give the gift of education as well as improve the lives of people all over the world. I believe that education is one of the most important gifts that a person can get, with education people can change their lives and their own situations. This is something I truly care about and participating in PURE allows me to help people so that in the future they can help themselves. ~ Lokaghna

What volunteering means to me is to try to make a positive impact in our community. ~ Sriya

My basic motto is if you help someone in need, could be emotional, financial or just being there… you will always receive the same support, may be not from the same person but another hand for sure. So when you actually want to give back… DON’T expect anything from it… just believe you will have someone always watching out for you. ~ Srujani Kaundinya

To me giving the gift of education is by far the best thing one could do for another. Education has the ability to grant success to anyone no matter who you are or what your background is given that you have the drive to work hard. So giving children an opportunity at education is like giving them a chance at a better and more prosperous future. ~ Arjun

Volunteering and helping others is important to me because I believe that in order to be part of society, you need to contribute to the betterment of society. Therefore, to give your time to represent a cause or an organization is so important because it not only makes the society a better place to live, but also shows you the harsh realities of life, such as the lack of education. Education is a basic right that every child deserves to have, however, many don’t have access to this privilege. Therefore, by fundraising, helping and donating through PURE, making that privilege more accessible is possible. I believe that the act of helping truly makes an individual more accountable and responsible for their duties. ~ Keerthana

I have always been a strong believer of giving to others. I am lucky to be born into a good family where I am fortunate enough to have food to eat, clothes to wear, and a place to live. However, there are so many children in this world who weren’t granted these basic necessities. So, it is important to appreciate the gifts we are granted and help those who aren’t as lucky as us. Small acts of kindness like this can make the world a better place. PURE made me realize the importance in giving to others and the pure satisfaction you feel knowing you have helped someone else. I am thankful for PURE and all the lessons it has taught me. One take-away I received from this organization which I will never forget is to always be thankful for what you have because there is always someone who has less than you. ~ Shreya

Volunteering means a lot to me since it's a way to give back to the community. Joining PURE is a great way to do this, since the people who are doing the work are people we are familiar with. ~Anwitha

Volunteering to me is when someone does something without an ulterior motive. For example, if I were to volunteer to help someone finish their work, I do not expect anything in return because I chose to help them. In order to have the ability to volunteer, one must have the want to help others. Without that, it is nearly impossible to volunteer to the best of one’s abilities. I chose to volunteer for PURE because I realized that the life I live is very luxurious, compared to the people in this program who can barely get by from day to day. After seeing their situation, it hit me that if I can live this type of life, then others should be able to as well. By volunteering, I feel that I am able to grant others the luxuries that I possess myself, such as clean water, edible food, a shelter to stay, and proper clothing and other necessities. The act of volunteering is extremely important, because it helps an individual gain a perspective outside of their own. It nurtures growth and responsibility inside that individual, allowing them to become a better version of themselves. The act of volunteering is also important because it can have a positive effect on many lives, and by helping one person, we can instill in them the ability to want to help others as well. ~ Koushik

I am Maya Bachala and I served as a mentor for the Orlando chapter. PURE had given me an opportunity to give back to the community that once made me who I am today . Education has helped me achieve my dreams and be in a position to help someone . So I feel very proud to help less fortunate children get the education they need and grow up to be successful and independent adults . ~ Maya Bachala